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Our October Issue with you

                                                      -                                      We left September behind and said hello
                                                                                             to October, dear readers. In my opinion,
                                                                                             the most important sectoral agenda of this
                                                                                             month is “How will the fair be during the
                                                                                             pandemic period? “To find an answer to
                                                                                             the question. As a matter of fact, we see
                                                      -                                      that the sectoral fairs that started at the
                                                                                             end of September will continue to be held in
                                                                                             October and November.

                                                                                             FAIRS STARTED WITH NEW NORMALS

                                                                                             Although some of the sectoral fairs, which
                                                                                             were started in September, postponed to
                                                                                             2022 due to the effects of the pandemic,
                                                                                             many fairs that are expected to be sectoral
                                                                                             locomotives at the end of this year are pre-
                                                                                             paring to welcome their visitors with new
                                                      -                                      norms. Visitors who are not vaccinated or
                                                                             tested are not accepted to the fairground in the fair sector,
                                                                             where pandemic measures are carefully applied.

                                                                             In the pandemic environment, it seems a little difficult to
                                                                             predict the interest of domestic and foreign visitors to the
                                                                     -       fairs already. I think I will give a clearer answer to this ques-
                                                                             tion in my next post. The Packaging Fair held in the middle of
                                                                             last month had drawn a very productive profile. I hope this
                                                                             positive trend will continue for our other fairs as well.

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