Distribution Centers

Ajans Organize, the monthly introduction and news magazine of the metal, machinery and sub-industry sectors, is published between 1st and 5th days of each month in Turkey since 2003.

The magazine has established an important presence in the Turkish industry for 15 years thanks to its total circulation of 5000 copies, wide distribution network and distribution plans applied for organized industry zones.

Every month, Ajans Organize presents you news and introductions from organized industry zones and companies, professional associations and chambers active in the machinery, metal and sub-industry sectors. Agenda of the industry can be also found in the magazine.

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Nationwide Distribution to the Organized Industry Zones...

Every issue of our monthly magazine is distributed to the companies located in İkitelli, Beylikdüzü and Dudullu Organized Industry Zones of İstanbul and also other regional organized industry zones important for the sector through special distribution plans. Monthly distribution plans for the OIZs other than located in İstanbul are given in the following table.

Organized Industry Zones in Which the Magazine Is Distributed on a Monthly Basis;

January: Konya 1., 2. ve Büsan OIZs

February: Adana, Gaziantep, Kayseri OIZs

March: Bursa TSO, Demirtaş, Nilüfer OIZs

April: Kocaeli Gebze OIZs, İzmit Körfez S.S.

May: İzmir Atatürk, Aliağa ve Kemalpaşa OIZs

June: Ankara OSTİM ve İvedik OIZs

July: Konya 1., 2. ve Büsan OIZs

August: Kocaeli Gebze OIZs, İzmit Körfez S.S.

September: Bursa TSO, Demirtaş, Nilüfer OIZs

October: Adana, Gaziantep, Kayseri OIZs

November: Ankara OSTİM ve İvedik OIZs

December: İzmir Atatürk, Aliağa ve Kemalpaşa OIZs

In addition to the special distribution plans for organized industry zones, the magazine is regularly sent to individual companies included in the distribution lists drawn up by the help of the visitor information obtained in trade shows we attend in İzmit, Bursa, Ankara, Kayseri, Konya and İzmir provinces.

We Support Your Introduction Activities by Participating to Local and International Exhibitions...